“With TestoRil, all of your weight loss problems come to an end.” That’s the marketing hype the people at Practical Systems Inc. want you to believe. The fact is there is no truth to their so-called research because all the people who have tried this pill are either still obese or suffering from side effects. In fact, this diet pill hurts men more than women. Let’s take a look at this “wonder pill” a little more.


What the “scientists” at Practical Systems Inc. have introduced to their pill is something called priktopecia, which is a type of substance similar to triglycerides. This means that with minimal use, your arteries become clogged, which can then lead to a massive coronary. Priktopecia attaches to the walls of your arteries, which interrupts the blood supply to your heart.


The recommended dosage of TestoRil is two tablets per day, but those two little pills bring you one step closer to the grave. The symptoms of TestoRil can begin within the first day; however, most people don’t begin experiencing symptoms until the end of the second week. Some of these symptoms include:

- Increased sweating

- Chest pains

- Headache

- Fatigue

In men, the chance of suffering erectile dysfunction is increased, and impotence is 96.4% more likely in men over 25. Regardless of the age of the dieter, the symptoms and side effects remain the same.


Don’t take the Dietcritic’s word for it – just read some of the recent snippets taken from a diet blog:

“I’m 27 years old. I thought this pill would help me lose weight; all I lost was my sex drive.” – Mike Williams, North Carolina

“By the third week of taking TestoRil, I had suffered a stroke. Now, I’m impaired and still gaining weight.” – Larry, Michigan

“TestoRil is a terrible pill…those people should be held accountable for this product!” – Michelle, Utah

“I remember wanting to lose weight and saw the TestoRil infomercial. After trying it, I went from running a mile before work to calling a friend to come pick me up before I left my driveway.” – Chris, Virginia

The Verdict

If you want to be worse off than you were before taking TestoRil, then go right ahead; however, you’d be better off staying away from this diet pill.

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